Testimonial 1

Nicholas T

The training and fundamentals are very inspiring. It took me a long time to move up because the teachers here WANT to produce functional martial artists and disciplined individuals.I have been a part of this family for about 8+ years now and I have taken these fundamentals of discipline and respect into my line of work as well as my daily life. Because of the discipline taught I can carry my own weight into the future. I am currently an assistant-teacher (the best way I can describe it for people reading this) and I continue to learn new aspects about my own body/techniques as well as shaping those who want to rise through the ranks. The combat systems we utilize and the forms are very practical to real situations on the street as well as against those who have trained for years in combat related classes. I would encourage anybody to walk in the door and try it out, it is tough… but real body/mental discipline for martial arts will never be easy if you want to be able to defend yourself and learn something new.