Testimonial 1

Ben T

Saint Marys native Ben Tuttle was a student of Iron Bear Martial Arts from his early grade school years to early junior high. He graduated from Memorial High School in 2015 and now attends Bowling Green State University where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with specializations in both accounting and finance. Ben serves roles in various student organizations at BGSU. He manages the finances of the Beta Kappa chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi as the chapter’s treasurer. Ben also serves as student ambassador for the College of Business at BGSU and as a Campus Tour Guide for the university. Taking all aspects of the program into consideration, I believe there is so much to gain from studying martial arts, especially as a student of Iron Bear. First and foremost, having the opportunity to studying with inspiring leaders who are true masters of their craft has been a great blessing. The leadership at Iron Bear does an amazing job of not only providing their students with a multitude of self-defense techniques but also pushing their students to their full potential.
Coming into the program at a fairly young age, there was an immense amount of room for me to grow in my personal character and values. Through the training and experiences Iron Bear offered me, I continually saw myself grow in honor and respect for myself and others. The classes also reinforced the idea of being prompt and giving 100%, not only in the studio but in the rest of life as well. These are values that I’ve been able to apply across so many experiences in my life, from my career to my collegiate involvement and my social life.
Reflecting on my time following Iron Bear, I can certainly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without those experiences. It can be easy to take the values of Honor, Discipline, and Respect for granted, especially in the studio. However, after leaving the bubble, I’ve seen the repercussions of not having those values instilled in you at a young age, both in my peers and my supervisors. It is because of this that I strongly believe that an experience such as Iron Bear can leave a lasting impact on anyone who chooses to pursue it, not only for the martial arts lessons but the life lessons as well.