Welcome Ironbear Martial Arts student requirements area, this is where you will begin your journey of advancement. You can begin here by reading all links and information on our website and selecting the appropriate rank page located in the side-bar on the right side of most of our pages.  Each time you promote you should download and print the next rank requirements.  Thank you for checking out Ironbear Martial Arts.

We have included the Korean terminology with the syllabuses, however the Korean terms are not required to test. All the listed techniques are required at testing.

Parents and students please print both the Student Picture Handbooks and the Rank Requirements under each belt rank, and please also view the videos for each belt rank.

Class fees are due the 1st Wednesday of each month and there is a test fee for each promotion of $25 up to Red Belt.

There are many different skill levels of Martial Arts. The skill levels of each person are signified by the belt color they wear. Every student will start off with the 10th Gup White Belt and it is up to them how far they go.

For our students under the age of 12 the student completes all class requirements thru Red Belt Black Stripe then a Junior Black Belt Test will occur and if passed the student will receive their Junior Black Belt or Poomse Belt if they show good positive social skills and good character development. Once the Junior Black Belt Student reaches 15 years old the student will be eligible for an Adult Black Belt. However, the student will be required to meet very high class room, school, social and family standards.  They may be required to demonstrate additional skills and requirements. We have a section on our website known as Bonus Material, which is designed to give our students additional information to aid them in there journey with our school. This material is not required and should only be reviewed after learning the basics of all belt requirements.

To see the skills required for each level select the appropriate belt link below.

White Belt Introduction and some important policies to know.

Please download and print:


The following items apply to all classes:

  • All students are required to bring a mouth guard to every class
  • Male students must wear a protective cup to every class
  • Try to wear a long shirt underneath your uniform top
  • Be courteous to your fellow class
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Sparring gear should be purchased after 3-4 months
  • Class fees are due the 1st Wednesday of each month
  • Come to class with good personal hygiene
  • A uniform must be purchased, we suggest that you wait between 2 - 6 weeks before ordering to make sure the student wants to stay in our class. Uniforms may be purchased anywhere, however they must be the correct color and style. We suggest that you order your uniforms and gear through us. Click this link to see a Century Martial Arts size chart
  • A school patch must be purchased with the uniform
  • Kiaup (karate sound?) at every 10 exercises, after every technique, or at the end of any multiple punch combination
  • When warming up keep pace with everyone else. If you can't at first soon you will be able to

All Ironbear Students

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How to tie your belt

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